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Resource Hub: Empowering your Journey

Welcome to your go-to destination for enriching content and valuable resources.

Explore a collection of short courses, guided meditations, podcasts, and short reads designed to inspire and support your personal growth journey.

Short Courses

Our courses are led by Gabrielle Pimstone, an expert in human transformation with 30 years of experience in designing and delivering transformative learning programs.
Gabrielle is an accredited facilitator, coach, and energy master, dedicated to helping you achieve real results. Her courses are crafted with hands-on techniques and engaging activities to ensure impactful learning experiences.

Explore each course to discover how you can benefit and transform your life.

Trust your Intuition

Discover how to enhance decision-making, amplify self-trust, and harness intuitive insights to navigate life's challenge effectively.

Comes with an evergreen energy activation to awaken dormant intuition.

Dream Vault

Your dreams are the window to your soul. Unlock the mysteries of your subconscious with practical techniques to recall and interpret your dreams.


Comes with an evergreen energy activation and a powerful guided meditation to awaken your capacity to recall and understand your dreams.

Protect Your Energy

We are constantly absorbing other peoples’ energy without knowing it.

This course will teach you the essential life skill of protecting your energy so that you are not affected by others and can stay at a high vibration.

Break Free from Energy Blocks

Remove the energy blocks holding you back – from childhood, gestation and previous generations.


This course empowers you to release them for good, offering a range of tools to work through at your own pace over several weeks.

Jennie M, Melbourne Australia

I can highly recommend Gaby as a world-class facilitator, bringing a unique blend of skills to the fore - empathy, neutrality, creativity, adaptability and exceptional communication skills - to deliver consistently outstanding results for her clients.

Guided Meditations

Step into serenity with our Meditation Albums. 

  • Album - Healing support: Enter a state of ease to transform your life

  • Album - Manifestation: Cultivate greater abundance

Healing support

Six guided meditations to support your healing journey at your finger tips, yours forever.

1: Let Go of Resistance

2: Find Your Inner Sanctuary

3: Doorway to Infinite Possibilities

4: Befriend Your Shadow Self

5: Release anxiety

6: Forgiveness


Six guided meditations for manifestation at your finger tips, yours forever.


1: Clarity and Intention Setting

2: Self-Love and Worthiness

3: Energy Alignment

4: Gratitude and Abundance

5: Letting Go and Trust

6: Signs and Synchronicities


Welcome to our Podcast Corner. Immerse yourself in dozens of thought-provoking conversations and insights tailored to inspire and elevate your journey.

From captivating stories to actionable advice, tune in to discover the fuel you need to ignite personal growth and cultivate positive change in your life.

Natalie Bedard, Lift Oneself podcast

What an electrifying passionate conversation I had with Gabrielle. She makes hosting a podcast so easy. Really great content for my listeners. Thank you for being a guest. I appreciate you.

Myf Galloway, Actually You Can podcast

Gabrielle shines as an energy coach, offering invaluable insights on optimising energy for peak performance. Her expertise and engaging presence made for an incredibly enjoyable interview leaving me eager to implement her practical strategies.

Carol Clegg, Connect Inspire Create podcast

Wonderful exploration of a fascinating topic. It was wonderful to chat and discover more about self care with Gabrielle, I know my listeners will enjoy the ideas they can contemplate.

Short Reads

Welcome to our Short Reads section.
Explore bite-sized articles crafted to spark reflection and fuel personal growth in minutes.
Whether you're looking for a dose of motivation or practical tips, these concise reads are designed to empower you on your journey.

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