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Get to know a little more about how I work

certified energy practitioner
certified coach
certified group facilitator


Thanks for stopping by.

Getting to know someone from a webpage can be tricky, but let's give it a shot together.

I'm all about helping each of us be our absolute best. It's in my wiring! I've been into psychology and spirituality since I was a kid.

Psychology took the spotlight, shaping my rewarding 30-year journey in ‘human transformation’. During that time, I certified as a values-based coach and Jungian-based group facilitator.

But that’s only half of it.

The other half was birthed from a chance encounter with a podcast in 2020.

It awoke me to the invisible prison in my head.

This sparked a spiritual journey, and now I'm a certified energy master, working with advanced sacred geometry. Think of it as 'Reiki on turbocharge'.

Now, I mix psychology with energy mastery, teaching people how to tune into an energetic frequency where everything just clicks.

It's a power combination.

Style-wise, you’ll find me to be clear and grounded, with an ability to translate lofty concepts into practical ‘how-to’s’.

I’m super empathic - I've been through grief, anxiety, and burnout. And I’m ready to support you through whatever you're facing!

You don’t have to be an energy master to start mastering your energy. It's all about small habits done consistently.

Sending love





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