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How I released my biggest energetic block

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

My hacks for releasing energetic blocks.

I’ve been reflecting on the process of healing myself, which is part of the reason I became an energy healer. I’ve really come to understand how much of an onion I am, I keep peeling layers. I’ve just popped out of a 3 week process where I finally released my biggest block. I wanted to share how I did it.

I did two self-healings where I worked on removing the root cause of that blockage. But if that's not available to you, there are a couple of hacks that I’d like to share.

1 - Energetic shields

Put protective energetic shields around yourself particularly when you go out and, in my case, particularly before sleep because I’m really active during sleep.

2 - Sleeptime intentions

Set an intention as I did to lovingly work through your blocks during sleep time so that you don’t have to moil and toil through it in waking hours. It's much quicker when you’re sleeping.

3 - Release rituals

I also did a bless and release ritual where I lovingly let go of my deepest energetic block out in nature.

4 - Geometric breathing

I did geometric breathing specifically to target my heart chakra which is the chakra that takes most of the hits. To do this, breath in healing energy through your feet to the count of 3 or 5, hold the energy as it circulates through your body to the same count, and breathe out any stagnant or low vibrational energy to the same count. Repeat.

5 - Nature

I spent a heap of time in nature particularly in the sun which is very healing for me. For others it might be being in salt water, being close to trees, whatever floats your boat.

6 - Crystals

I finally resorted to sageing my house and keeping dark crystals near me, for example smokey quartz and black tourmaline. What I landed up doing was sleeping with them next to me so that they take the hit before I do.

The methods I use remove the root cause of energetic blocks so that they never return.

If you would like a once-off energy clearing, feel free to reach out to me via the "Let's Chat!" button or via email at


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