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Struggling in relationships? Activate your heart chakra

If you're struggling to form and maintain healthy relationships with others, you may have an energetic block in your heart chakra.

Most of us have a particular chakra that takes all the hits. Mine is my heart chakra.

That's no surprise as I lost my father when I was very young and this set up a complicated set of relationship dynamics.

Is your heart chakra balanced or blocked and how do you know?

Heart chakra balance looks like...

  • Feeling worthy of love

  • Empathy towards others

  • Being able to connect well with others

  • Showing appropriate vulnerability in relationships

  • Growing through healthy conflict without our relationships falling apart

Heart chakra blocks look like...

  • Holding onto relationships out of fear

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Fear of intimacy

  • Co-dependence

  • Over-giving in relationships

  • Insecurity and possessiveness

Welcome to the heart chakra, the centre of love and connection.

The methods I use remove the root cause of energetic blocks so that they never return.

If you would like a once-off energy clearing, feel free to reach out to me via the "Let's Chat!" button or via email at


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