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Wanna navigate your dreams to heal yourself?

Dreams are the gateway to the unconscious and an efficient way of releasing blocks and healing yourself.

I've been working with my dreams for 2 decades and have noticed how they have evolved over time.

Here are the phases I have navigated and how I have traversed each stage to move onto the next.

Phase 1 - You can't remember dreams

If you can't remember dreams, set a powerful intention just before you go to sleep to begin to remember them.

Phase 2 - You can remember dreams but don't understand them

At this phase, get a journal and use specific dream journalling techniques to help make sense of your dreams.

Phase 3 - You begin to understand patterns

Now that you can make sense of your dreams, its time to upgrade your energy and unleash their power further.

Phase 4 - You use dreams to heal your blocks

Use your dreams as a tool to heal yourself.

Feel free to reach out to me via the "Let's

Chat!" button or via email at if ...

... you'd like to learn how to journal your dreams to improve recall

... you'd like an activation to upgrade your energy and use your dreams to actively heal yourself

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