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Weird signs you're upgrading your energy

When you upgrade your energetic vibration, things can happen that don’t seem to make sense.

I’m in the middle of an energetic upgrade where I’m noticing that my relationship to myself and to the world around me is changing fundamentally.

Here are some of the signs I've been elevating my energy.

1 - Familiar limiting beliefs return.

The first thing that’s happened is that my deepest mindset block has come back to haunt me and it feels like a tug of war. Something keeps wanting to keep me back in the old familiar identity while a new one is trying to emerge.

2 - Relationships change.

Relationships are organically clearing out.

3 - The way you dream changes.

After two decades of working with vivid dreams, I’m not remembering much at all. Its a sign that I’m working at such a deep level that my mind can no longer compute what I am doing in my sleep.

4 - Frequency changes in your ears.

I’m hearing frequency changes in my ears so it feels like I am tuning into a different radio station.

5 - Spiritual gifts subside.

My gift of channeling has subsided and its a sign that I’m getting ready to receive Divine energy in new and expansive ways.

If any of this sounds familiar, know that you're elevating your energetic vibration and all is well.

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