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When you're confronted by other peoples' abundance, its a sign

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

When you encounter other peoples' abundance, notice it and appreciate it. Its a reminder that yours is on its way.

I’ve had an interesting 2 days where I’ve encountered 3 different people who all have the same thing that I currently want and don’t have. I noticed myself becoming resentful and my energetic vibration was dipping. It's really important that I keep my energetic vibration high because I’ve entered Level 2 of my energy certification. So my 3rd eye is open, I’m receptive to energy, and I’ve got to make sure that my vibration is high so that I attract the right experiences and energies into my life.

Use the concept of 'driftwood' to shift your relationship to other peoples' abundance.

In the above instance, I used a concept that Abraham Hicks call 'driftwood' which is recognising other people’s abundance as a sign that yours is coming.

Rather than focusing on the chasm between what they’ve got versus what you currently have, see abundance in another person as reminders from the Universe that abundance is getting closer for you too.

So instead of feeling resentful or riding over their experiences, tap into their experience, tap into the feeling, pay attention to it, celebrate it, appreciate it.

See other peoples' abundance as a sign that yours is on the way.

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