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How to set intentions that actually materialise

Set clear intentions from a heartfelt place then follow the signs and synchronicities.

In the 3D world the way that we achieve what we want is to set goals, put plans together, and work really hard to get there. I've found that things work really differently in the energetic world.

Here are some of the things I do when setting intentions.

Step #1 - Only ask from a high vibrational state.

What I’ve found really helpful is to ask for what I desire from a heartfelt and authentic place. You'll feel the difference when you're calm and centred.

Step #2 - Watch for signs.

I then tune in for signs, signals and synchronicities. These could be seeing repetitive numbers, messages in my dreams, or things happen that are directly linked to the intention I set.

Step #3 - Follow the signs.

I always follow the breadcrumbs provided, they lead me to the intention that I set.

There's a massive difference between setting intentions from a manic state vs a calm state.

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