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Befriend your chakra identity

Knowing how each chakra is working for or against you helps speed up change.

When I learned how to do energy clearings and tuned into the chakra system, I realised that each chakra has its own unique identity. Like beliefs, these identities can either liberate or imprison us. In my case, I identified negatively with my heart chakra and this created massive energetic blocks that stopped me from connecting with others.

Let's take a quick look at the identity of each chakra.

#1 root chakra - physical identity

How we ground and connect to safety, security, health, finances.

#2 sacral chakra - emotional identity

How we connect to our emotions.

#3 solar plexus - ego identity

How we identify with our power, autonomy, self-esteem, creativity.

#4 heart chakra - social identity

How we identify in relationship to ourselves and others.

#5 throat chakra - self expression

How we find expression and voice ourselves in communication with others.

#6 third eye - archetypal identity

How we use our intuition, insights and imagination using information from realms we cannot see.

#7 crown chakra - universal identity

How we tap into Higher Consciousness.

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