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How limiting beliefs become energetic blocks

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The energy of limiting beliefs is invisible but powerful.

For years, I let my beliefs play out like a silent movie in the background. Without knowing it, they became energetic blocks that interfered with my goals.

I used to believe that if I moved forward in my life, something bad would happen to someone I loved. I wasn't conscious of this belief. So when I started manifesting my desires my loved ones were, indeed, negatively impacted.

I started to look at the patterns and got in touch with this belief and released it.

We all have beliefs that sit outside our awareness.

Some beliefs actively contradict our goals without us knowing it.

They become energetic blocks.

They run the show until we get in touch with them and release them.

If you set intentions with a limiting belief running in the background, you will attract what you believe, not what you desire.

Release your limiting beliefs before setting a strong intention.


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