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How to interrupt energetic dips

Did you know that when you catch yourself in a downward spiral, you can interrupt the dip very rapidly?

Energetic dips are quick to rectify.

Here are the steps I follow to interrupt my energetic dips.

1. Tune inwards

I close my eyes, connect to my heart space and ask, “How do I really feel?".

If I feel out of alignment in any way:

2. Thank what I find

I thank the predominant feeling / thought for making me aware of what I don’t want, and I state my intention to want to shift it.

3. Find a small movement up

Then I find what Abraham Hicks call the “next best emotional state”.

I am not looking for a solution or an end goal at this stage, only small movements upwards.

For example, I don’t go from feeling jealous to feeling joy in one go – that wouldn’t feel authentic. Instead, I might find that anger is the next best authentic state to get me motivated to do something about my situation. Once I've worked through my anger, I might lean into boredom with the thought. Until it has no hold on me any longer.


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