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Meditations for manifestation

Welcome to your Meditation Album for Manifestation and Abundance.


Embark on a transformative journey through six guided meditations, each tailored to enhance a unique aspect of manifestation.

Remember to take your time with each meditation and to trust in the process of manifestation. Enjoy the journey!

Image by Felix Wegerer

Meditation 1:
Clarity and Intention Setting

Welcome to “Clarity and Intention Setting”, a guided meditation.

In this meditation, we will focus on identifying and clarifying your deepest desire, guiding you to transcend and connect with the frequency of your intention, empowering you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Run time: 6.18

Meditation 2:
Self-Love and Worthiness

Welcome “Self-Love and Worthiness, a guided meditation.

This meditation is dedicated to nurturing the most crucial relationship we have – the one with ourselves. Manifest abundance from a foundation of unwavering self-worth.

Run time: 6.36

Image by Fadi Xd
Image by Susanna Marsiglia
Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Meditation 3:
Energy Alignment

Welcome to “Energy Alignment”, a guided meditation

Connect with the earth's core, anchor yourself to abundant energy, and prepare to manifest your desires in perfect harmony with the universe.

Run time: 7.51

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Meditation 4:
Gratitude and Abundance

Welcome to “Gratitude and Abundance, a guided meditation.

Discover the power of gratitude and abundance with our guided meditation. Immerse yourself in this transformative practice to cultivate a mindset of appreciation and attract abundance into your life.

Run time: 5.42

Meditation 5:
Letting Go and Trust

Welcome “Letting Go and Trust”, a guided meditation.

In this meditation, you'll be guided to release worries and fears as you embrace trust in the wisdom of the universe. Let's begin.

Run time: 7.10

Image by Jan Tielens
Image by Maria Teneva

Meditation 6:
Signs and Synchronicities

Welcome to “Signs and Synchronicities”, a guided meditation

This meditation is designed to help you become more attuned to signs and synchronicities on your journey towards manifesting your greatest desires. Learn to recognise and interpret the subtle messages from the universe along the way.

Run time: 5.32

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