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Welcome aboard!

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Congratulations on setting up an Intention Setting Session!

It's going to make your experience in the Momentum Energy program much smoother.


I am so looking forward to our conversation.


In the discussion, we will clarify your goals and intentions for the Momentum Energy Program together, from a high vibrational state.

Actions Needed

  • RSVP to the meeting invite in your inbox.

  • Reflect on questions 1-3 in your pre-work:

    1. ​What are you currently challenged with most in your life? The areas where you struggle to make progress? Consider both internal and external factors.

    2. Reflect on significant past experiences. Are there unresolved issues or patterns from your past that might be influencing your current challenges or holding you back?

    3. In what aspect of your life do you experience the most stagnation or discontent that you'd like to address and work on through this program?


See you then!



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