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Online energy coach

What if you could move past what is holding you back in the exclusivity of a one-on-one coaching setting?

energy healer | energy coach | group facilitator

Work exclusively with me in a one-on-one setting to release your deepest energy blocks and move forward with your life... for once and for all

Gabrielle Pimstone

1-1 private coaching program

My  1-1 coaching program is designed to go deep into energy healing and energy mastery in a private setting.

Working together weekly for a 10-week period, I will:

  • release your biggest energy blocks

  • teach you to do this for yourself

Going through this individualised coaching process, you will:

  • experience the relief and power of living without your deepest energy blocks

  • break out of destructive patterns keeping you stuck

  • attract a different reality

  • know how to maintain a high vibration

How I will get you there

My 1-1 coaching program is structured around my energy mastery model which is a holistic pathway to personal transformation, that uses advanced energy techniques to get you there faster.

You get:

  • 10 individualised coaching sessions with me

  • 5 energy healings with me

  • Tools to release mindset, emotional and energy blocks

  • Learning materials and loads of techniques

  • VIP full-time access to me via private messaging app

Be one of my personal coaching clients and book your complimentary discovery session.

1-1 healings

1-1 healings are live 60-min sessions conducted over Zoom.

We start by setting an intention for your most pressing energy block. You relax while I conduct the energy healing. Afterwards we conduct a thorough debrief.

This is far more than hands-on healing. 

I clear energy blocks across your timeline from childhood, gestational, trans-generational, or karmic. I release the root of the energy block, so you typically don’t need more than a handful of healing sessions.


I also use techniques to elevate your energy so you can manifest your desires in a shorter timespan.

Would you like to be more relaxed and worry less?

Would you like to take control of overeating?

Would you like to sleep better?

Would you like to improve your connection to friends and family?

Would you like to stop self-sabotaging behaviour?

Would you like to cultivate more focus when building a new business?


I have helped people release energy blocks relating to these exact issues... and so much more.

Timeless healings

This is an exciting breakthrough for those wanting a more cost effective energy healing.

My timeless energy healings are captured in a specific sacred geometry that allows the person who has purchased a healing to access it whenever they want, as often as they like... forever.

They are as potent as if I were doing the healing in front of you in real time.

But you don't get the debrief as you would in a 1-1 healing.

Talk to us about energy coaching & energy mastery programs

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