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Corporate conversations

Hi, I’m Gabrielle Pimstone. Thanks for stopping by.

27 years into a career in organisational psychology, a podcast unexpectedly changed everything. It opened my eyes to what was holding me back, inspiring me to leave the corporate world and become a business owner myself.

I’ve seen it too often: companies talk a big game about change, but actually making it happen is a different story. Lip service is risky - once you promise change, expectations are raised and the clock starts ticking.

We’re not here to talk about change management. Our conversations focus on the human response to change. So what makes this different?

Its all about navigating patterns - spotting hidden ones, breaking old ones, and embedding new ones. Because when you change patterns, you change everything.

If you're ready to join the conversation hit the "Let's Talk Transformation" button below. Let’s see you make the changes you want in your life, or in the life of your organisation.





Transformation coaching

Why do we stay in painful patterns when we could just choose differently and be free? From what I've noticed, it's because we're so attached to who we think we are, even if it's not helping us anymore.

Real transformation often means redefining how we see ourselves, but we humans tend to hold on tightly to our self-image. I help clients through this process by guiding them to redefine their core identity. For organisations, this means reshaping their culture.

With my 'Transformation Navigator', we focus on:

  • Discomfort: Sparking personal accountability

  • Breaking Patterns: Closing the gap between words and actions

  • Perseverance: Pushing through tough times

  • Identity Shift: Ensuring changes stick

Make sure you click the button below, let’s have a chat and see you make the changes you want in your life, or in the life of your organisation.

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Keynote talk

In my three decades working in organisational change, I've noticed a recurring pattern: the blame game. People are hesitant, waiting for someone else to step up, and unwilling to shoulder their part in the need for change. It's the greatest obstacle.


In my 1-hour keynote talk 'Change? Challenge accepted!', I help you turn this around.

Engage in an interactive and inspiring session designed to flip the script on the blame game and ignite personal accountability for change.

Ideal for leadership cohorts, teams facing change, and HR communities supporting people through change.

Any questions? I'm here to help

WHO IS THIS FOR? Organisational leaders driving change; transformation leaders wanting to embed change; HR professionals supporting employees through change; business owners and startup founders who are managing growth challenges; anyone undergoing personal or life changes

WHAT IS THE HUMAN RESPONSE TO CHANGE? When faced with change, we experience a range of emotions from excitement to anxiety, we adjust our thoughts to understand and adapt to the new situation, and we modify our behaviours accordingly. Essentially, it's how we handle and deal with change emotionally, mentally, and practically.

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU NEED SOMEONE TO SUPPORT YOU THROUGH HUMAN TRANSFORMATION? You might notice that you're repeatedly facing the same challenges or unable to break free from old habits despite your efforts. It becomes apparent that you're stuck in patterns that hinder progress. At this point, seeking impartial support can provide fresh perspectives and guidance to navigate through the barriers and facilitate meaningful change.

WHAT TRANSFORMATION SERVICES DO YOU OFFER? I offer individual and group coaching where I help people apply my 'Transformation Navigator' to deal with big change in their lives and / or at their company. I have a keynote speech on the topic of moving from blame to ownership in change. This is typically run at conferences and team or leadership offsites.

WHY DO PEOPLE FIND IT SO DIFFICULT TO OWN THEIR PART IN THE NEED FOR CHANGE? Change can shake up our sense of who we are. Humans like our identities to stay the same. For example, someone used to working alone might find it hard to work with others because it goes against their identity of being self-reliant.

CAN ANYONE UNDERGO HUMAN TRANSFORMATION? Yes, human transformation is a journey that anyone can embrace regardless of age, background, or current circumstances. It requires a willingness to grow, learn, and adapt to change.

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