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Meditations to support your healing journey

Welcome to your meditation album crafted to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and growth. There are six guided meditations. As you embark on this path, let each meditation be a gentle guide, offering an oasis for your mind and spirit.

May they serve as companions on your journey, nurturing your soul and awakening the wisdom within.

So, take a deep breath, settle into a comfortable position, and let the journey begin.

Love, Gabrielle

Image by Saffu

Meditation 1:
Let Go of Resistance

Welcome to “Let Go of Resistance”, a guided meditation.

During times of healing and change, it is natural to encounter resistance. Use this meditation to release any obstacles blocking your path to progress and embrace forward movement in your life.

Run time: 10.09

Meditation 2:
Find Your Inner Sanctuary

Welcome “Find Your Inner Sanctuary”, a guided meditation.

Within you lies an inner sanctum - a tranquil place untainted by life's challenges. Whenever stress or overwhelm hit, use this meditation to rediscover that sacred space of peace and serenity within.

Run time: 8.08

Image by Uta Scholl
Image by Robin Schreiner

Meditation 3:
Doorway to Infinite Possibilities

Welcome to “Doorway to Infinite Possibilities”, a guided meditation

This meditation is designed to help you tap into your inner resources and explore your unlimited potential. If things start feeling overwhelming, use this meditation to regain a sense of empowerment within yourself.

Run time: 9.28

Image by Joshua Newton

Meditation 4:
Befriend Your Shadow Self

Welcome to “Befriend Your Shadow Self”, a guided meditation.

When we heal and transform, it is common for deeply buried thoughts, beliefs, emotions and experiences to come to the surface to be released. Use this meditation to embrace all aspects of your being with love and compassion.

Run time: 7.40

Meditation 5:
Release Anxiety

Welcome “Release Anxiety”, a guided meditation.

Enter a serene realm guided by your guardian angel's loving energy. Release anxiety as it transforms into light, leaving you elevated and freer.

Run time: 7.09

Image by Zoltan Tasi
Image by Lampos Aritonang

Meditation 6:

Welcome to “Forgiveness”, a guided meditation

This meditation is designed to help release lingering resentment and anger towards yourself, someone else, or a situation from your past. Letting go with forgiveness paves the way for deep healing and forward movement

Run time: 7.25

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