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Improve the Success of Your Organisational Change Program with Gabrielle’s Keynote Presentations and Courses

Why it may be time to rethink your organisational change programs

In organisational change, the saying, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same,' often holds true. Despite being a discipline for over three decades, a 2023 Gartner Group study reveals that half of organisational change initiatives still fail, with only 34% achieving clear success.

Lack of accountability. Throughout Gabrielle's 30 years of experience, she's seen it too often: many believe that others need to change, not themselves. However, in the blame game, nobody can win because blaming others doesn’t actually solve problems. Personal accountability is a competitive advantage when it comes to organisational change, and Gabrielle's programs, courses, and presentations are designed specifically to foster this mindset.

Busting common myths
Organisational change can feel complicated. So it’s important to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what really matters.
Myth 1: People resist change. People only resist change when it doesn't enhance their lives or take them forward. Many of us find deep fulfilment in this journey without needing external rewards. It's a joy to transform and become the best version of ourselves. The real reward lies in the process of transformation itself. All we have to do is tap into that inner drive.
Myth 2: Change takes time. Gabrielle has learned that immersing yourself in change speeds up the process. Her own studies suggest that with the determination and effort to change, most people can make significant progress in just a month.
Myth 3: Change is top down. While leadership commitment is vital for organisational change, we shouldn't wait around for it to kickstart transformation. Change can begin from any corner, and waiting for someone else to lead often fuels the blame game.
Myth 4: Culture change occurs through structure, process, technology and behaviours. In her experience, Gabrielle has found that these are expressions of culture, rather than culture itself, and can keep us stuck at a superficial level of change. For genuine transformation to take place, organisations must address identity - the labels people adopt, the stories they tell, and the core assumptions that have formed from collective experience.

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About Gabrielle and her work in organisational transformation

27 years into a career in psychology and organisational change, a podcast unexpectedly changed everything. It opened Gabrielle Pimstone's eyes to what was holding her clients back, inspiring her to completely transform her approach to organisational change.

She steers away from traditional change management. The focus is the human response to change and how to break patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Because when you change patterns, you change everything.

Gabrielle Pimstone is a renowned facilitator, coach, speaker and trainer, recognised nationally and internationally for her programs and courses as an organisational change expert. Her presentations and programs on change leadership and organisational change  are known to be motivating, empowering and humorous. She touches on tricky subjects like blame and change resistance in a way that invites people to take personal accountability for the journey of change instead of waiting for their leaders to do it.

Gabrielle has spent 30 years as an organisation development and organisational change practitioner, also studying eastern philosophy and how energy can change the game. She has a unique capacity to blend those two worlds in her inspiring and moving presentations and programs.

Gabrielle’s skill as an experienced organisational change facilitator, coach and speaker teaches conference participants and organisational leaders very practical tips and strategies to apply to their work and home life, empowering insights and knowledge that leave the audience feeling inspired and equipped to navigate their own journey through organisational change.

As a speaker, organisational change facilitator and coach, Gabrielle has run her courses, programs and presentations with countless companies globally from Johnson & Johnson, Sydney Airport, EY, Westpac, Bravura Solutions, VGCCC, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Queensland Health, Insignia Financial Ltd, Investec Bank, Nedbank to name just a few.

If you're ready to join the conversation hit the "Let's Talk Transformation" button below. Let’s see you make the changes you want in your life, or in the life of your organisation.


Gabrielle's Signature Organisational Change Presentations & Programs 

Change? Challenge Accepted

Is blame holding back change in your organisation?

How can anyone, regardless of their role, take accountability for driving change?

Key take-aways:

  • Embrace personal accountability as the prerequisite for change

  • Tackle the blame game effectively

  • Take back your power to make change happen

  • Lead by example with three simple tools to foster personal accountability

Mastering Change Leadership


How do you stay on top of your game as a change leader?

Key take-aways:


Are you struggling to make real change, not just superficial shifts?

Key take-aways:

  • Create the necessary discomfort to motivate the desire for change

  • Align words with actions

  • Stay motivated during transformation

  • Make change deeply and permanently

28 Days to Change

Do you need a quick breakthrough?

Key take-aways:

  • Identify an area for improvement to achieve remarkable results

  • Use an immersive method to create real change in 28 days

  • Celebrate a quick win to boost morale

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