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Short Course:
Dream Vault

3 self-paced lessons containing easy techniques for recalling and interpreting your dreams, gaining deeper self-awareness and guidance. Keep coming back to them whenever you need, as often as you want.


In this short course, Gabrielle will personally guide you to:

  • awaken your dormant potential to recall and understand your dreams through an energy activation

  • optimise your preparation for dreaming to significantly enhance dream recall

  • gain insights into interpreting and understanding the messages within your dreams

You will experience an energy activation to awaken your intuition with Gabrielle, using advanced energy techniques that bring about real results. You will also experience a powerful guided meditation to connect with your inner wisdom

You will have a series of videos and slides and leave with new tools and practices to tap into your dream state.

Purchase 'Dream Vault'

Purchase your short course now for $44 Aussie dollars!


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