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Short Course:
Break Free from Energy Blocks

7 self-paced lessons containing techniques for releasing the root of your energetic blocks permanently. Keep coming back to them whenever you need, as often as you want.


In this short course, Gabrielle will guide you to:

  • uncover the foundational principles of energy dynamics

  • ​learn the art of setting powerful intentions

  • ​prepare your mind and body for profound healing

  • master techniques to identify and release deeply held energy blocks

  • establish a post-healing routine to maintain and integrate your energy healing

  • enhance your healing process using the transformative power of sound

  • connect with nature to further amplify and sustain your healing progress

You will have a series of videos and slides and leave with new tools and practices to release your biggest energy blocks.

Purchase 'Break Free from Energy Blocks'

Purchase your short course now for $89 Aussie dollars!


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