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Energy coach

What if you could move through what is holding you back for good?

energy healer | energy coach | group facilitator

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About Gabrielle Pimstone

I am a passionate advocate for human potential and have dedicated my working life to helping humans grow into the best version of themselves.

I worked in a corporate career in organisational psychology for 27 years. But it was a chance encounter with a podcast that altered the course of my life.

It awoke me to the invisible prison in my head.

Driven by this awakening, I embarked on a spiritual journey, becoming an accredited energy master.

Today, as the founder of Generative Growth, I am an Energy Coach, fusing my background in psychology, coaching, group facilitation, and energy mastery.

Think of it as 'Reiki on turbocharge'.

I specialise in helping individuals overcome whatever is holding them back most in life, with a particular emphasis on addressing life transitions. This involves issues like self-sabotage, overwhelming emotions, relationship blocks, financial barriers, productivity challenges, insomnia, childhood trauma, and more.

Through my coaching programs, I teach people energy techniques to protect their energy and heal themselves.​

I take my own growth really seriously, always ready to listen and act upon new insights. And I love working with similar people who are also serious about turning the page to their next chapter.

You’ll find me to be grounded, with an ability to translate lofty concepts into practical ‘how-to’s’.

Gabrielle's journey from burned out corporate leader to becoming an energy coach

On a fateful Sunday, August 9, 2020, I awoke with a heavy heart, as if a sinking feeling in my stomach had become my unwelcome morning companion. I had dedicated 25 years of my life to a successful corporate career in industrial psychology, but inside I was unravelling. Anxiety, sleepless nights, and a sense of isolation had taken their toll. I couldn't deny that something was seriously wrong. Little did I know that this day would mark the beginning of a transformative journey

The Awakening

It was a chance encounter with a podcast that helped me see the invisible prison in my own head. It was my wake-up call. It was clear that change wasn’t just something I wanted; it was something I needed.

Gaby Pimstone
Gaby Pimstone in her garden

Breaking the Chains

Leaving the corporate grind wasn't a snap decision. It took 18 months to gather the courage to make this big change. By then, I'd reskilled as an energy master and felt ready to make the change.

Navigating the Unknown

I faced into a mix of relief and fear and needed a carefully considered plan. So I set in place 3 'emotional' and 3 'practical' strategies to navigate the transition.

A Healthier You

As I delved deeper into my transformation, I realised that energy was the key to moving forward in my life. By healing the root of my anxiety through energy practices, it was like releasing an invisible handbrake. I experienced better sleep, less anger, improved relationships, and heightened creativity.

Rediscovering Purpose

Rediscovering my Purpose - “fulfilling potential together” - was a vital part of this journey. It served as my guiding star through the ups and downs, shaping my choices, where I spent my energy, and how I shared my gifts. It elevated my well-being, increased my resilience, and created space for me to give back.

The Journey Continues

Now, it's all about giving back and sharing what I know with others.

In my coaching programs, I clear the root of people’s biggest blocks and teach them how to heal themselves with energy techniques… for good.

My podcast story “Finding Your Inner Hero: A journey beyond burnout” dedicated to inspiring others to pursue their dreams, because it’s never too late to make change.

Talk to us about energy coaching & energy mastery programs

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