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Release your core energy block

Embody the energy of your Future Self

Manifest faster

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4-week Online Group Program

What if 1 month could change everything?


Pick one thing holding you back.


Join our 4 week program.


Release your deepest energy block and embody your Future Self.


Start your journey to lasting transformation now.

You might think you're stuck or your life is on repeat, but that changes with this group program.

It's Fast, Deep and Transformative. And it's making a difference worldwide.


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This program is for you if you're dealing with crippling emotions, past trauma, relationships, insomnia, confidence, financial struggles, self-sabotage, or general challenges in life.

Like many, you may feel stuck and just want to move forward with your life. I've been there too.

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, and Tony Robbins have embraced energy healing with the same techniques I use.


They worked with renowned energy expert Oliver Nino, who I studied under for 18 months to accredit as a master energy practitioner.


Energy work is transformative. It releases deep-seated blocks – from childhood, gestation, or passed down through generations – creating space for new, positive energy.

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The problem is energy healing has got a bad rap

It’s dismissed as 'woo-woo' or a quick fix.



But the reality is far from this.



Energy runs the show and mastering it is the fastest and most permanent way of releasing the invisible handbrake keeping us stuck.


With the right methods, energy work can have a powerful impact on your life.

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Wondering what sets an effective energy healing program apart?

It needs to be quick. Who has time for a drawn out process? You need an efficient way to transform your life.

It needs to go deep. No-one wants a band aid approach. The program should tackle the root causes.

It needs to be life-changing. It must result in real improvements in your life.

Built upon these core principles, the Momentum Energy Group Program offers far more than hands-on healing.


Techniques delve deep, targeting the roots of your energetic blocks across your entire timeline, including childhood, gestation, and inter-generational barriers.


No more revisiting the same patterns – we provide a swift and lasting solution.


By releasing one foundational block, the work is done for good.


Energy work is the most efficient and permanent way of releasing your blocks.

The Momentum Energy program is designed to deliver tangible results in the real-world

This transformative program is your gateway to genuine breakthroughs.


Experience the relief of living without your deepest blocks.


Break life-long patterns for good.


Move past what has held you back.


Attract a different reality.

My commitment is to ensure that everyone undergoes tangible transformations in their reality, without exception.


Join us for an experiential 4-week group journey, where you'll experience the positive change you've been seeking.

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Here's what you'll get

1 / Two energy healings

Experience two energy healings to release deep-seated blocks.

Each session is recorded, ensuring you have continuous access for ongoing support.

2 / Two energy activations

Experience two energy activations to awaken your dormant gifts and untapped potential.

(1) Activate your Future Self and access Fifth Dimension Manifestation.

(2) Embody your Future Self.

Each session is recorded, ensuring you have continuous access for ongoing support.

3 / Four workshops

Attend four live group sessions every Monday morning 7am AEST (check your time zones by using this link

Each session is recorded for ongoing access.

4 / Access to a tribe

You’ll be part of an inspiring group with fellow global students. You’ll stay uplifted and connected as members share valuable insights and tips.

5 / Discounts

You’ll be eligible for a 30% discount if you book a friend.

You’ll be eligible for 30% off 1-1 healings.

Meet your facilitator, Gabrielle Pimstone

Why would a successful corporate leader become an energy master and healer?


That’s the path I took after 27 years with some of the world’s most recognisable brands.


Corporate stress pushed me to a breaking point.


On the morning of August 9, 2020, I woke up with an overwhelming sense of dread in the pit of my stomach… because the following day was Monday.


I was in a job that I hated and was living with untenable levels of anxiety.


Listening to a podcast, I had a realisation that I was living in this invisible prison, trapped in an ongoing cycle of anxiety.


Soon after that incident, I embarked on an 18-month journey to become a master energy healer, learning from one of the best.


Now, as an Energy Coach, I help people break free from feeling stuck and move forward with their lives.


I've been through it all—crippling anxiety, a serious illness, and withdrawal from the world. But I found a way out.


I use proven energy techniques that transformed my own life as well as the lives of countless people around the world, and I want to teach you how to do the same.


Whether you're struggling with feeling out of control or just want to turn a new chapter, I'm here to guide you.


With certifications as a coach, group facilitator, and energy master, plus three decades of experience in human transformation, I bring a unique set of skills to help you unlock the future version of yourself.


Let's replace feeling stuck with a renewed sense of well-being.


Join me on this journey, and let's create positive change together.



Leanne D - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

"I had the privilege of experiencing the remarkable energy work performed by Gaby. From the moment the process began, her expertise and genuine care shone through, creating a space of deep comfort and trust. Her ability to attune to my needs and address specific areas of concern was truly exceptional. The experience left me feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and more aligned with my inner self. I am immensely grateful for Gaby's skilful work, as it has had a positive and lasting impact on my well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend her energy work to anyone seeking profound healing and personal growth."

Kate B - Sydney, Australia

"Beyond what I can say happened, the underlying resonating impact on my life, interactions with others (personal and professional), my team and my family has been palpable. It is not something I’ve had to consciously work on. The whole feel of our home and energy has shifted to feeling joyful.”

Sarah D - Austin Texas USA

"I can’t say enough about Gaby’s healings! I came out having a truly life changing experience and then she gave me some helpful tips and tricks of what to do in the future. Since her work, I have felt so much peace and general enthusiasm for life and I can’t think of a better outcome."

Irem M - Dubai UAE

"Gabrielle is a powerful healer skilled with building connections of her client's past, present and future. She knew things about my past just by doing an energetic check and she was spot on. She is very impressive, and I would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone considering having an energy healing session."

Malcolm S - Auckland, New Zealand

"I recently became aware of adverse childhood events that had profoundly impacted my life without me knowing it, for five decades. The healing experience with Gaby was profound, to say the least. I underwent a mind-body journey bathed in gentle light, with visions and sensations that were utterly sublime. In the weeks since, I noticed what can only be described as the total release from the effects of the trauma. I have bucket-loads of energy compared with before the healing encounter, I have new confidence in various life contexts where my tendency was previously to hide, or to block my engagement, and I have discovered a love for and enjoyment of myself that I do not remember from any time previously. This "newness" has spilled over into many of my relationships in wonderful ways."

Corne D - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Gaby has an astonishing ability to feel and perceive what has to be addressed. My sessions with her brought such clarity and calmness to my being. I would highly recommend Gaby to anyone wanting to go deep and really let go of lifelong issues."

Jennie M - Melbourne, Australia

"Gaby is a world-class facilitator, bringing a unique blend of skills to the fore - empathy, neutrality, creativity, adaptability and exceptional communication skills - to deliver consistently outstanding results for her clients."

Karen S - New Hampshire, USA

"Gabrielle is a gifted healer with a unique blend of intuitive and analytical abilities. She takes the utmost care with her clients, providing a calming, supportive atmosphere so they can feel safe and relaxed. I recommend her to anyone looking for gentle yet powerful energy work.”

Rachelle Z - Rockhampton, Australia

"I booked time with Gabrielle with the intention of healing childhood events that created blockages to me speaking my truth. Her timeline healing opened the door for my spiritual gift to get activated. Gabrielle is an incredible healer who always works with high integrity and looks after her clients with such compassion and love."

Sujuan J - Wuhan, China

"I'm so lucky to find Gabrielle and have her doing energy healing for me! With her passion and unique gift, she provides clear insights and wisdom. She transformed my life on so many different levels and to such a better place. Thank you Gabrielle for being out there helping others so that people like myself can reach out and get healed!”

Angela L - Lisbon, Portugal

"Gabrielle’s sessions have been very transformative and insightful. Her healing method has cured my long time sleeping issues and has helped me to gain the courage and clarity I need to embark on manifesting a new career path."

Ron L - Sydney, Australia

"Gaby is a powerful healer. Expectations were exceeded as I didn't expect what arose and what was cleared. She does her work in a gentle, loving and non-judgemental way.”

Shauna A - Calgary, Canada

"Gabrielle is an awesome healer. She healed me remotely and I definitely felt the effects. The messages she channelled for me were so amazing and relevant, and I'm still referring back to them for guidance.”

Sam V - Denver, Colorado, USA

"Gaby, this is beyond what I expected. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your activation but especially you giving me an understanding of what it is that I’m doing and how to avoid pitfalls. I am so grateful to know how to avoid causing harm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And yes, I do absolutely want a private session."

Kari R - Houston, Texas, USA

"Gaby conducted her energy work with attention to detail, much clarity and commitment to my wellbeing. Her feedback was affirming and inspiring. I feel very positive and excited to proceed with my dreams."

Program information

Four 90-min live Zoom sessions over 4 weeks, every Monday at 7am AEST (check your time zones by using this link )

Week 1 - Release and Let Go

This week tackles your biggest energy block that's held you back.

Content - How energy works;.

Tool - Energetic self-care.

Energy healing -  Release the root of your biggest block and reset your energetic timeline.

Week 2 - Meet Your Future Self

This week gives you an experience of the version of you that has already healed your present-day challenges.

Content - Past, current and future selves.

Tool - Merging realities.

Energy activation - Activate the energy of your Future Self and access Fifth Dimensional Manifestation.

Week 3 - Go Deeper

This week takes your healing to the next level.

Content – Deep dive into energy blocks in the chakras.

Tool - Rainbow visualisation.


Experiential – Be part of a facilitated Q&A style group discussion.

Energy healing – Release more blocks or deepen the release of your primary block.

Week 4 - Embody Your Future Self

In the final week, you integrate the energy of your future self for manifestation and change.

Content – Energetic embodiment and why it's the fastest way to manifest.

Tool – Geometric breathing.

Energy activation – Advanced Future Self activation.


What would it be worth to you to be able to release your biggest blocks?

Get a premium experience without breaking the bank.


Invest in rapid change for just $599 AUD.


Secure your spot and book a friend for 30% off this price – you’ll only pay $420 AUD.


Plus enjoy a 30% discount on all 1-1 healings for a period of six months upon enrolment.


Invest in your best life today.


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