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Online energy coaching

I use advanced energy techniques to swiftly and permanently release what is holding you back.
I teach energy-based approaches to master your energy and transform your life.

energy coach | energy healer | group facilitator

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How energy coaching can help you

Experience the incredible benefits and outcomes of working with an energy coach!

Let go of old patterns. Techniques address the inception point of blocks. With the support of your coach, you release the energetic root and break free from invisible patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving for good.

Manifest from a high vibration. Access an energetic vibration where things just flow. With the support of your coach, you’ll find that bringing your aspirations to life becomes a more natural and effortless process.

Improve relationships. Learn techniques from your coach to release relationship blocks and protect yourself from other people’s negativity.

Navigate life transitions with greater ease. Mastering your energy under the guidance of a skilled intuitive coach, you learn how to cultivate the mental and emotional strength needed to navigate life transitions more easily.

Improve sleep. Your energy coach will include tools to protect you while you sleep. This results in a more restful sleep state, so you wake up more refreshed and ready to tackle each day.

Heal childhood wounds. Your coach will work across timelines, particularly blocks that developed in childhood, using tools that work on the inner child and reintegrate lost parts. This is done by addressing energetic imprints left by past experiences.

Be more focused and get more done. Energy coaching can enhance productivity by addressing the underlying factors that impact your energetic levels and focus. It is particularly useful for procrastination and other avoidance tactics.

Unlock dormant potential. Energy coaching involves raising energetic frequency and activating dormant gifts so you can achieve your desires in a shorter time span. Whether you're working towards manifesting goals or activating spiritual gifts, a skilled intuitive coach will help you tap into your hidden potential.

Achieve balance in life. Energy coaching includes recognising when energetic levels are high or low and understanding the factors that influence these patterns. With the support of a coach, you to learn to make more informed choices and attain a more harmonious balance between work, personal life, and self-care.


Some of this is what motivated me to master my own energy and shift the way I coach.

What is an energy or intuitive coach?

An energy or intuitive coach works at an energetic level to release deep blocks. They facilitate healings and teach techniques that protect, heal, elevate and maintain your vibration.


Engaging with an energy coach opens the door to comprehensive healing. Addressing issues at the energetic level creates a domino effect - your thoughts become clearer, your feelings more balanced, and your choices start lining up with who you truly are. It touches every part of your life.


An energy coach will release your blockages faster than a regular coach because they possess unique tools and methods to address the root causes of issues. They will do healings on you and this experiential element fast tracks change.


By working on root causes, an energy coach brings lasting and permanent transformation. This ensures you break free from repeating patterns. Additionally, you gain self-healing skills, reducing dependence on your coach for your well-being.

How I moved past energy blocks and became an online energy coach

I’ve always been a self-help junkie.


Since childhood, I've been fascinated by unravelling my dreams and journaling my experiences.


Transforming the outer world starts from within - somehow I've always known it!


Losing my father at 9 only fuelled my passion for self-discovery and healing.


At 17, I went on to study psychology and dived headfirst into a corporate career focused on transforming lives.


After 25 years in the game, I had a moment of reckoning… but when I turned to my trusted strategies, they no longer worked for me.


So I dialled up my spiritual practice, found a teacher who resonated, and spent 18-months accrediting as an energy practitioner.


It was the missing piece.


Energy runs the show. Unresolved experiences build invisible energy blocks. Mine was grief and anxiety.


I've broadened my approach to human transformation, blending East and West, seamlessly weaving modern psychological challenges into a spiritual framework.


I’m here to help you kick it up a notch! I've got your back on the path to your best self.

Let’s achieve our full potential, together!






P.S. Feel free to browse this website or reach out to chat further.

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Factors to consider when choosing an energy coaching program

  1. It must be quick. You don't want a slow process; you need an efficient way to transform your life.

  2. It must go deep. Energy coaching must tackle the root causes for lasting change.

  3. It needs to be life-changing. Energy coaching must bring real improvements.

All my offerings and programs are crafted upon these foundational principles.

Individual & group energy coaching & programs


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